Recognize a celebrity! Belarusian stars' photos "then" and "now"

Some of them didn't change. Some are unrecognizable after 20 years in rock. See what music does to people!

Ivan Ivanavich Kirchuk


Vital Artist has become a very serious person after 15 years of his life in "Bez Bileta" band. The first picture is dated late 1990s, the second one - 2011.


In 1987 Aleh Khamenka was a student, today he is a teacher in the University of Culture.


Seven years later, in 1994, "Palace" leader already looks like a rock-star.

Alyaksandr Kulinkovich


Ales Lyutych, :B:N:


Alyaksandr Tsikhanovich has not changed at all! The first photo is from the cover of the "Verasy" CD, released 40 years ago! Then, in 1973, the young musician just joined the band. The next picture is from the video "Malinauka" (1980). The contemporary photo is taken in 2012.


Vyachaslau Koran hasn't changed in his long way in rock music either. In the photos - he is the guitarist of "Bonda" (late 1980s), and then - guitarist and leader of Ulis.

Syarhei Mikhalok - early 1990s, 2003, 2013


Here's the dessert - another picture of "contemporary" Mikhalok:



Lesli "Knife" in the times of Gods Tower's popularity in the 1990s and today, when the band experiences the second youth.


Alyaksandr Pamidorau


Alyaksandr Pamidorau again. The biggest change of rock-musician in appearence from early 1990s.



Dzyanis Tarasenka in the band "Sklep" 15 years ago and today, in "RSP".

 "Znich" leader Ales Tabolich



Drummer and base player Philip Chmyr participated in numerous performances of the cultural formation "Belarusian Climate" in 1994. However, the climate in the coutry changed drastically for the 20 years. Today Phil Chmyr is a key figure in "Drum Ecstasy".

Ihar Varashkevich



"Mroya" musician Lyavon Volski followed that time's fashion: long hair, makeup... However, Lyavon gained a respectable look during the 90s. The second-to-last photo is taken at the times of the "Three Turtles" album, the last one - at the times of the "House of Culture" album.  

Lyavon Volski in 1993 (a shot from a video "I am a Rock Musician"", and in 2012, in Euroradio's studio. 

P.S.: He does not correspond with the rock format, but he should be present in our selection - Alyaksandr Saladukha. We can trace how the musician changed as time passed by the covers of his albums. The first photo is a cover of a CD dated 1995, the second one is a contemporary picture: 

Photo: Euroradio, Generation Y, "Budzma",,, Komsomolskaya Pravda in Byelorussia, Rolling Stone.