Rally in memory

Picket near GUM / Euroradio
Picket near GUM / Euroradio
Some 15 activists gathered near Central Department Store in Minsk to remind people about the political disappearances in Belarus.
Nyaklyayeu and Vinyarski are standing trials today.
Several hundred people are attending a rally in Minsk to commemorate the dead ancestors, including those killed by Soviet purges.
The police have checked every car leaving the action.

About 50 people took part in the meeting and rally authorized by the Minsk city authorities.

The organizer for Dzyady-2014 has explained why few people attend allowed actions in Belarus and whether Belarusians are capable of being active.

Yury Rubtsou from Homel gets three days of arrest over his anti-Lukashenka T-shirt during November 3 manifestation to Kurapaty.

Yury Rubtsou was delivered to Minsk Soviet District Court on Monday morning.

The action in memory of the diseased compatriots was organized by the Belarusian Popular Front's Christian Conservative Party on Sunday.