‘Impostor tsar’ T-shirt owner stands trial for disobedience to police


The Homel inhabitant was detained by people in plain clothes after the Kurapaty meeting.  Yury Rubtsou participated in the Dzyady manifestation organized by the Christian Conservative Party BPF. He was wearing a T-short with the inscription No to the fourfold President! He is not a President, but an impostor tsar! The inscription Lukashenka, go away was on the back.

Policemen asked him to take off the T-shirt at the beginning of the action but he refused. 

Rubtsou is 52 years old, Radio Liberty reports. He works in Homel Building and Repair Centre and is an activist of an independent trade union. Rubtsou explained his actions on November 3: “Lukashenka said that he would leave when the people asked him to. So I asked for it.”

Yury Rubtsou is accused of disobedience to the police.

Photo: Euroradio