Victims of political repressions commemorate din Loshytski Ravine


The action participants gathered near the Palace of Culture Loshytski and headed for Loshytski Ravine. A 30-minute meeting was held near the memory sign installed for victims of Stalin’s repressions.

Deputy leader of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Yuras Belenki urged Belarusian citizens to speak Belarusian.

“We are in a state of occupation war with Russia now. Only our Belarusian language can create a barrier to this aggression,” the politician believes. “Speaking Russian, you are passively eliminating Belarusians,” BelaPAN quotes Belenki. The Belarusian authorities are hiding ‘something important and shameful’ in Loshyta Ravine, the politician claimed. “The regime won’t uncover the truth about Stalins’ repressions. A memorial will be installed in this spot when Belarus becomes free. Justice will be obtained,” Yuras Belenki is sure.