Price of Russian gas mentioned in budget 2008 is restricted


The price of Russian gas mentioned in the project of the budget in 2008 is restricted. The Minister of Finance of Belarus Mikalai Korbut has refused to announce it.
“The price for gas is mentioned in the budget and you will know it when I am making my report”, - said the Minister answering journalists’ questions, -informed AFN.

Let us remind you that negotiations between the head of the administration of “Gazprom” Alexei Miller and the deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Uladzimir Syamaska took place in Minsk yesterday. According to the press service of the Russian company, the price of Russian gas for Belarus in 2008 has not been defined yet.
Ukraine has already signed a contract with “Gazprom”. It concerns gas supplies next year. Its price is 179.5 dollars per one thousand cubic metres for Ukrainians. So it is close to 130 dollars now.

Belarus is still paying 100 dollars per one thousand cubic metres in 2007. Uladzimir Syamashka has expressed a hope that the price of gas for Belarus will not be higher than 119.5 dollars in the first quarter of 2008.