The police releases Pavel Sevyarynets detained during Budslau festival


The police detained Pavel Sevyarynets and three activists of a future party “Belarusian Christian Democracy” during a festival organized in honour of the Mother of God in Budslau.
The young people had a few issues of the BCD’s bulletin “Crynitsa”. 30 issues of “Crynitsa” were confiscated and then the young people were let off. Pavel Sevyarynets has informed ERB about it.

“They have already been released. The guys who were passing issues of “Crynitsa” to one another were detained. There was my picture in the bulletin and as the police were watching me they decided to detain me too”.

Let us note that Pavel Sevyarynets took part in the pilgrimage and walked to Budslau from Minsk.