Patriarch Kirill: Gay marriages recognition hastens Judgement Day

Патрыярх Кірыл: Прызнанне геяў набліжае канец свету

"During the latest times, we face a great  temptation when a number of countries legally justify the choice of sin, while those who walk with conscience and struggle against such minorities, forced upon by the law, get repressed. This is a very dangerous apocalyptical symptom, and we need to do our best so that sin would never be justified by the state law at the territory of the Holy Russia, because this would mean that the people are on the way to self-destruction," the Patriarch said after the Sunday mass in the Kazan Cathedral in the Red Square in Moscow.

According to him, huge forces have been thrown today in order to "convince us all that the freedom of choice is the only value, and no one can try and take it away, even if a person chooses evil, even if the society chooses socially dangerous behaviour, and the norms of the civil law are not violated," Interfax reports.