Opposition leaders banned to speak out abroad without permission

Each member of the Political Council of the united pro-democracy forces has to obtain permission before he or she wants to make a statement abroad on behalf of the opposition, according to the decision of the political council.

The measure thus bans the leader of the united opposition, Aliaksandr Milinkevich who travels extensively on foreign visits, to speak on behalf of the opposition without a prior permission.

The leader of the United Civil Party, Anatol Liabedzka, believes the step is important.

“This is the return to the old practices which previously existed in the political council. If somebody goes abroad and wants to voice the stance of the opposition, he has to have a mandate for that. This is a civilized practice, and people should not look for anything backstage.

This approach is to promote trust among the members of the coalition. Secondly, the one with the mandate will have a possibility of speaking out on behalf of the coalition in full voice,” Liabedzka said.