Observers: Vote count was untransparent and silent

According to their estimates, in this election at 450 stations on election day turnout was overstated by 32,301 people.

According to observers in these stations voted 336,577 people. But according to official figures there were 368,878 people. According to observers, the turnout at these stations on the voting day was 42%.

Due to the violations, the observers believe the elections to be untranspaernt and undemocratic. This was during said during a press conference on October 12 by the coordinator of the campaign "Right of Choice" Dzyanis Sadouski.

Dzyanis Sadouski: "The vote counte took place untransparently and silently. The observers could not verify the figures, faced obstacles in their work. Thirty people lost accreditation. At our stations, the early voting turnout was 29%, and the figures of the commission are 31%."

In total, the election observers of the campaign "Right of Choice" covered 642 polling stations. Only at 450 of them the observers were given information about the number of citizens living in the areas.