Nyaklyayeu and Matskevich meet Vinahradau near prison (photo)


Pavel Vinahradau’s release was turned into a small performance because of his open letter published on the Internet. The leader of Zmena hoped to see all opposition leaders near prison.

Pavel led the present to a huge white-red-white puzzle right after his release. Vinahradau planned to give pieces of the puzzle to all the invited opposition leaders.

“I am going to give a piece of the puzzle to all the leaders. Where is Lyabedzka?” Vinahradau asked.

But he asked in vain. Lyabezdka did not come. Neither did Rymasheuski, Milinkevich, Yanukevich, Ivashkevich and Kalyakin. Only Uladzimir Nyaklyayeu and Uladzimir Matskevich received their puzzle pieces. The others were given to activists who promised to present them to their leaders.

Pavel Vinahradau spent 12 days in Akrestsina prison for an unauthorized action. He brought a portrait fop Mikalai Statkevich, imprisoned ex-presidential candidate, to the entrance to the metro station Nyamiha on April 21.