"Nothing has changed. Na-da." Loan offices stayed the same after August 1

"You need to have an income statement. And a credit history. These papers are needed for any amount. Now they are required everywhere," says a nice girl's voice on the phone. 

I'm calling the number found on advertising in the metro. I want to borrow three million rubles until the next paycheck. If you believe the news from last month, the "until next paycheck" loan offices have been clamped down on and now they need to treat their customers' wallets with greater respect. However, after asking about the percentage rate I heard a crazy word- 60.

In another office (also advertising in the metro - there are still a lot of them) the amount of payments for debt are explained more clear. If you borrow three millions for three months, for every 30 days you will pay extra 500-600 thousands. And if it's done the way I want it- money borrowed for a month "until next paycheck" - I'll overpay almost half of the three million loan.

"If you borrow the money for a month, I'll tell you now how much you will need to pay back ... Three million. So ... You'll have to pay back four million four hundred and forty thousands."

However, here they are willing to give me money over the passport only. The only thing I had to do was hurry up and come in the morning. Then I'd get my millions in late afternoon. 

The decree, which was supposed to almost prohibit questionable activities of small-loan offices (in reality, you can borrow even 50 millions there, which is not so little), I do not find any specific restrictions. It defines the procedure for registration with the National Bank, the necessary documentation for their work. The obligation to monitor the customer's credit history is also spelled out. In general, it seems that there were no dramatic changes. Management of the third office to which I managed to get through openly confirms this: 

"It's a question rather to legal services than to us personally. Nothing has changed after the adoption of the decree. Na-da. We'll see how it is later, after the New Year."

He also adds that "in our country something is constantly changing, who knows what there will be next." It's not everything, but it is still possible to get loans at 2% per day. Despite all the efforts of the National Bank and the intervention of the  head of state.