Nearly 1000 Indian students stranded in Belarus

Medical workers in India / Reuters

Almost 1000 students from India have been stranded in Belarus due to COVID19, suspended air travel, and closed borders. Their video appeal was published in the Indian news outlet The students can be seen asking India's authorities to send a plane to Belarus and evacuate them. 

The stranded students' parents have been asking the Indian government to help for more than one month but without a result. The relatives of students claim that "the situation in Belarus is critical because the authorities take no action."

"The number of confirmed COVID19 cases is mushrooming in Belarus but no action has been taken. In Belarus, there is high risk of getting infected with coronavirus because the government is not taking any measure," the Indian news website quotes the relatives as saying.

In the 2019/2020 academic year, 23 000 people from 108 countries study in Belarusian universities. There are many foreign students at the Belarus State University, Minsk Medical University, and Belarusian National Technical University. The medical university has many students from India, Sri-Lanka, Lybia, and Jordan.

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