'Mothers 328': 13 women remain on hunger strike

Photo: Euroradio file

The activists of the Mothers 328 movement have been on a hunger strike for 11 days.  13 women are taking part in it now, Radio Liberty reports.

The action participants are struggling for the liberalization of the drug prevention article (328) of the Criminal Code. They demand to reconsider the sentences pronounced to their relatives and want to meet with Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

Six women are on a hunger strike in Kalinkavicy. “We rarely go out because we are trying to preserve our strength. An ambulance arrives here every day. Doctors measure our blood pressure and take blood for tests when necessary,” hunger striker Tatstsyana Kaneuskaya said.

Leader of the Mothers 328 movement Larysa Zhyhar is moving from Puchavicy District to Hrodna to support women protesting there. Seven women are on a hunger strike in Puchavicy District now. 

Natallya Sharypa is going to stop her hunger strike in Vistebsk. She has been refusing from food for 4 days.