Minsktrans: Passengers will be charged depending on distance in 2015


Minsktrans is going to introduce a new system of payment next year. A month ago, it was not yet known exactly what the payment will depend on - on time passengers will spend on a bus or trolley bus, or the distance that it will run. 

As the deputy director general of Minsktrans Andrei Paplyouka told Euroradio, the organization will determine what the fare will be linked with. 

Paplyouka: "The goal is to introduce the travel fare depending on the distance. First, we will test it on suburban routes: we fine-tune it and then try it out. Then the city will decide whether you will need to switch to this system of payment. We have removed the equipment from 200 vehicles. By December 1, we will update the software. From December 1 to the end of the year we'll have a trial operation. Based on its results, we'll take a decision on introducing a new payment system in the suburbs."

Testing the new system of payment depending on the distance to commuter routes will start from the beginning of 2015. If there are no problems and complaints, it will be introduced on city routes as well.