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Culture minister agrees to rename street that bears Russian terrorist's name

Belarus Culture Minister Yury Bondar. Photo:

Minister of Culture Yury Bondar organized a meeting with citizens in Brest. Director of Brest History Museum Svyatlana Tamchuk was among the people who attended it, Vecherny Brest reports. 

The director of the museum asked the minister to rename Khalturin Street situated in the centre of the city. The person’s life and activities are not connected with Brest, she noted. Khalturin is not even commemorated in his home village in Russia: villagers decided to remove his monument installed in the Soviet time, Tamchuk said.

Carpenter Stepan Khalturin organized a terrorist act at the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg in 1880 – he blew up a bomb. He wanted to kill Emperor Alexander the Second. 11 soldiers were killed and 56 people were injured in the blast. 

"There is nothing impossible if it meets Bresters’ expectations. We will act in a civilized way: the renaming of the street should be publicly discussed and a contest should be organized in order to choose the best new name for the street. Let the local residents choose the best name. The winner will get a prize from the Belarusian Minister of Culture,” Bondar replied to the director of the museum.