Reservists called up for training in Viciebsk region

Army in Belarus / BelTA

Military training camps for army reservists will begin on August 11 in Viciebsk region. Defense Ministry's spokeswoman Natallia Haurusik has told Euroradio the training was planned long before adding that reserve training is held in every region of Belarus during the year.

"This is not something extraordinary or supernatural. In the Viciebsk region, they will start on August 11. Citizens, who live there, will receive call-in notices," she said. 

The information that the call for reservists began in the areas along the border with Russia in Belarus was disseminated by Telegram channels the day before. A copy of the notice says it is necessary to report to the military commissioner on August 10. However, the notice has a postage stamp dated July 30.....2002.

Military training camps for army reservists are a regular practice in the Belarusian army. The Ministry of Defense has explained Euroradio that the call in the Viciebsk region does not necessarily mean that the camps will be held there. Soldiers can be deployed to units located throughout the country. 

"There's a reconciliation of data, mobilization orders, sometimes they just specify the data. It doesn't always mean that a person will go to the camps," explains Natallia Haurusik.