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MFA unaware why Belarus-Russia integration deal being kept secret

Belarusian MFA Spokesperson Anatol Hlaz / Euroradio

The Foreign Ministry of Belarus has officially commented on the public concerns about the secretive nature of the ongoing talks between Minsk and Moscow on deeper integration, Euroradio's correspondent Zmicier Lukashuk reports. 

Talking to reporters at a news briefing in Minsk on 20 September, Belarusian MFA Spokesperson Anatol Hlaz said that this question "is outside the competence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs." He noted that "the fuss was created out of nothing, there are no practical grounds for it.

Hlaz added that the talks on the integration between Minsk and Moscow are being conducted in the frames of the action plan by Belarus and Russia to implement the provisions in the Treaty on the Creation of the Union State dated 1999. "Hence, there can be nothing there that is outside the frames of the Treaty on the Creation of the Union State," he said.