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Maksim Kurtsou tells judge how police operatives sprayed tear gas in bus

Photo: Artsiom Martynovich

Maksim Kurtsou was today tried at Minsk's Central District Court and sentenced to 12 days in jail/ He was found guilty of having violated the procedures for mass events and disobedience to the police. 

During the hearing, a riot police commanding officer Khomich testified against the young man. He said the police officers kept asking 'a group of persons' to remove a mask - also when in the trolley-bus.  

Kurtsou said he was not wearing a mask. He also said that the operatives sprayed tear gas inside the public trolley bus.

Kurtsou asked to show video footage where he could be seen in a mask but Khomich did not have it. 

This did not prevent the judge from finding Kurtsou guilty on all charges.