Mahileu poet sues rockers for Internet libel

A poet Dzmіtry Dzmіtryeu has asked the police for help. He thinks that “a barbarous act” directed against him has taken place. The police have started a criminal case. A check-up is being conducted.
Abusive collages with Dzmitryeu’s photos appeared on the website of “Live Rock Centre”. It is an unofficial association of Mahileu rock musicians. Rockers say that the collages were a response to an anonymous person hiding behind the nickname of “Hell Rabit”. The person published a parody of the website of “Live Rock Centre” in the web and made jokes of activists of the association. Rockers are sure: “Hell Rabbit” and Dzmitry Dzmitryeu are one and the same person. Dzmitryeu disagrees with them and wants to prove it in court. However, the police should conduct a check-up before sending the case to court.

An investigator Maxim Valasevich confirmed to ERB that Dzmitryeu had turned to the police but refused to give any comments:

Valasevіch: I refuse to reply.

We have talked to Dzmitryeu and Vital Shum, one of the founders of “Live Rock Centre”. Vital Shum thinks that the collages have nothing to do with libel but he has deleted them because investigators asked him to.

Vіtal Shum: The information was not libel. There was no slander. Nothing. First of all, there is no article on the Internet as I have removed it because investigators asked me to.

Shum thinks that everything happening is absurd. He did not expect the police to deal with it.

Vіtal Shum: It was hard to imagine something more stupid. I am slightly shocked by the events.

Dzmіtryeu says that it was a barbarous act directed against him. But he does not know whether the investigation will be able to prove it.

Dzmіtryi Dzmіtryeu: It turned out that “a barbarous act” was directed at me. I think so. (Laughs.) But I do not know what the decision of the investigators will be and whether the culprits will be found. I know these people but I do not know whether there can be any legal proof to return them guilty – it is difficult.

If the check-up proves that Vital Shum and other members of “Live Rock Centre” insulted Dzmitryeu by their collages, the case will be sent to court.

However, it is not clear how long the check-up will last. Meanwhile, rockers are not going to look for “Hell Rabbit” and to sue him for the insult.

Photo by Dzmіtry Kuzmіn