Lyudmila Klaskouskaya appeals to cancel daughter's sentence


 Klaskouskaya’s mother is asking to cancel “the unfair and strict sentence and pardon her”, BelaPAN reports. A copy of the appeal has also been sent to the Swedish ombudsmen.

Lyudmila Klaskouskya pointed at several circumstances in her appeal. Firstly, it was the imperfection of the Swedish legislation and biased attitude to her daughter. The migration service refused Volha a residence permit twice, her mother said.

Secondly, Volha’s 7-month-pold son was illegally taken away from her in February 2013. It happened without any trial and was done only according to a social service official’s handwritten decision.

Thirdly, Klaskouskaya drew attention to “the vengeful prosecutor who was biased from the very beginning”. According to Lyudmnila Klaskouskaya, the prosecutor was acquainted with her daughter’s ex-husband. Despite the fact, she became the public prosecutor. She did not allow other prosecutors to work on the case even when she was on vacations explaining it by her desire to finish it herself.

Stockholm Court returned Volha Klaskouskaya guilty of an attempted murder of her husband Gyokai Bezgin in August 2013. Volha was imprisoned for 7 years. She will also have to pay a compensation of 110 thousand Swedish kronor to Bezgin.