Volha Klaskouskaja

Belarus national Volha Klaskouskaya was convicted for an attempted murder of her husband in Sweden.

Volha Klaskouskaya will now stay in a Swedish prison for 7 years.

The final verdict to the convicted Belarusian will be announced today in Stockholm.

The Belarusian was convicted to 8 years in prison in Stockholm, Sweden for attempted homicide of her husband Gökhan Bezgin.

Volha's mother Lyudmila Klaskouskaya has informed this.

The Belarusian journalist was accused of attempted homicide of her husband Gökhay Bezgin.

Swedish prosecutors demand 8 years in prison and EUR 15,000 in court fees compensation for Belarusian immigrant Volha Klaskouskaya.

The closing court trial in Volha Klaskouskaya's case will take place on August 13 in Stockholm. She faces up to 8 years in jail.

The 30-eyar-old Belarusian citizen has been standing trail in Sweden for 2 days.