Sentence for Volha Klaskouskaya expected on August 23


The conclusions of the psychiatric expertise have been announced on August 13 at the court trial in Stockholm. She has been claimed legally capable. It happened behind the closed doors, Radio Liberty reports. Still, the expertise's results had been announced before by Volha Klaskouskaya herself.

It is informed that he Belarusian has said in court that what is happening now can be classified as an attempt to kill her. According to her, the Swedish system first decided to deport her, then illegally took her child away from her, and then they try to rot her in prison.

Klaskouskaya's husband Gökhay Bezgin says he is going to move to another place with his son and to use the opportunity of "secret identification" in order to prevent Volha from finding him and their son in the future.

Volha is accused of "attempted homicide or causing serious damage to the health" of her husband Gökhay Bezgin.

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