Lyavon Volski releases Hramadaznaustva album (audio)


Lyavon Volski presented the album Social Science on March 25. The disc has already been called “a tribute to the old N.R.M.’s fans and a thick line the musician has drawn beneath the illusory Belarusian ‘today’”.

"I think that the time of compromises in over,” Volski explained. “The time of trade, accepting the rules of the game, internal censorship and maneuvering is over. The time of the Aesopian language, hidden sense and reading between the lines has ended. I wanted to sound clear and simple.”

Social Science was recorded at the Vilnius studio Ymir Audio. Norwegian multi-instrumentalist and sound producer Snorre Bergerud was responsible for the musical part of the disc. That is why the sound is ‘foreign and Scandinavian’ and the tracks are like ‘paving stones’, Lavon said.

Download the album here.