Lyabedzka criticizes Statkevich and Sevyarynets


The Congress of Democratic Forces continued after a break. The head of the national committee of the political council Anatol Lyabedzka was the first to speak. He criticized Mikola Statkevich, Pavel Sevyarynets and their adherents for trying to disrupt the agenda.

Let us remind you that Statkevich, supported by Sevyarynets, suggested discussing the strategy of the democratic forces before working on other issues.

The former political prisoner’s idea was not supported according to the voting although almost half of the present voted pro.

Lyabedzka noted that such a suggestion should have been made before the Congress, but not on the day of the Congress.

Let us remind you that Mikola Statkevich and Pavel Sevyarynets were released on May 22. 

Нагадаем, Мікола Статкевіч і Павел Севярынец выйшлі на волю 22 траўня.