Lukashenka threatens to sack government


Belarus President Alexander Lukashenka today slammed the government, threatening to sack the cabinet and top security officials. He said this while talking to a meeting of the government on the country's social and economic performance. The government and enforcement agencies have performed badly and that he is sick and tired to repeat the same things every year and become a laughstock, Lukashenka said.

“The average leval of rentability has dropped from 16 down to 13 percent, while the target was this year was 14.5 percent," Lukashenka lamented. "The deterioration of economic performance is a very negative trend".

The president also poured criticism on Prime Minister Syarhey Sidorski.

“You need to understand that I cannot keep repeating the same things for years. This makes the government look like a laughstock," Lukashenka said.