Lukashenka orders to outrun China by GDP

The president of Belarus today ordered to improve the GDP growth performance, reports the official news agency Belta. Lukashenka is not satisfied with the government's forecasts. He said this during a meeting with the government on the results of the country's social and economic development over the past 9 months and on new development, fiscal and monetary targets in 2008.

"We are arguing what GDP will be in 2008. With this high demand for our produvts, the growth of GDP must be 20 percent", the head of the state said. He stressed that the growing negative foreign trade balance is a threat to the Belarusian economy.

"If the negative foreign trade bakance continues to grow at the same pace like this year, all our achievments will be under threat," Lukashenka noted.

Meanwhile, Belarus has already outrun France with 8.4 percent GDP growth against 2-2.5 percent and the United States which are happy with the 3.9-percent GDP growth. Moreover, we have also caught up with Russia (just 0.2 percent difference, and are already thinking how to outrun China where the GDP growth is 11.5 percent.