Lukashenka: Get money out of all the pockets! (Video)


As you know, last year in some of the regions of the country due to African swine fever we had to completely destroy these animals - both in the complexes and in private households. At a meeting dedicated to this issue, Alyaksandr Lukashenka said that are already all the conditions to remedy the situation. 

Lukashenka: "Scientists propose some measures to achieve this goal - the production, recovery of pork in bad veterinary conditions. First - fully equip complexes built in 2013-2014. Otherwise - it's a crime." 

According to him, you also need to increase the effectiveness of existing pig farms and accelerate the construction of new ones. The head of state said: "Do not expect that someone will come and build it for you. Get the money out of all the pockets and complete these complexes." 

Lukashenka said that recovery of pork production is a matter of both economic and food security of our country. The government and local authorities should carry out this task by April 1, 2015, informs BelTA

Once again, Alyaksandr Lukashenka urged officials to "treat people humanely" in the areas, affected by the African swine fever. He demandes the same stance towards nature and animals: "We have like this: we go in a front, where it is impossible to shoot the wild boar - we'll burn the forest, cut it down." 

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