Swine Fever in Belarus

Restrictions on pork imports from Kyiv region will take effect on 12 May allegedly on African swine flu fears.

An outbreak of African swine fever brought from Belarus was registered in one of the districts last year, the local veterinary service claimed.

Russia may resume supplies from some Belarusian meat-packing plants on December 11.

The Russian agricultural watchdog blacklists yet another meat producer from Belarus over the ASF genome virus allegedly found in the sausage.

So our southern neighbor is hoping to protect themselves from the spread of African swine fever.

Belarusian experts conducted investigation after Russia discovered the genome in the products of some local enterprises.

Belarus will suspend the imports of pork from Montenegro and Moldova on November 1.

The genome of African swine fever has been revealed in the products of four Belarusian meatpacking plants.

The Russian food safety authority says it found African swine fever genome in the meat from the Minsk meat-packing factory.