Lukashenka fires high-ranking police officials


Alexander Lukashenka has dismissed four high-ranking officials at the Interior Ministry. Maj.-Gen Alexander Shchurko has been removed from the post of the first deputy minister of interior and the chief of the criminal police. Maj.-Gen. Viktar Filistovich has been dismissed from the position of a deputy minister and the chief of human resources department.

Besides, Lukashenka signed his decrees to fire Col. Viktar Melnikaw from the post of the chief of finance and logistics department. Col. Lidziya Ivanchykava has been dismissed from the post of the chief of citizenship and migration department at the Interior Ministry.

They will further report to the Interior Minister, reports the Interfax news agency.

All the above mentioned officials were criticized by the Belarusian leader on November 13 during a meeting on anti-corruption measures.