Lukashenka criticizes Belkaapsayuz: Soviet times are gone (video) Valery

As BelTA informs, Lukashenka is unhappy with Belkaapsayuz (Belarusian union of cooperatives) in the main areas of its activity. He finds it strange that the organization regularly asks for financial support and loans for working capital, while other trading organization operate with profit. 

At the same time, the president stressed that he did not believe that Belaapsayuz incurs additional costs from maintaining the mobile auto shops for delivery of goods to remote villages. Alyaksandr Lukashenka talked about the project, which the Tabak-Invest chairman of board of directors, Pavel Tapuzidis, implements in the Shklou district. It is about building a large multiproduct shop in the town, where not only trade spaces, but also a pharmacy and banking facilities will be located under one roof.

"I want to say here that consumer cooperation still hasn't started to work properly," said Alyaksandr Lukashenka. - It just does not understand the situation in which it is working, that the Soviet times, when they had a monopoly, are gone. And today the trade networks that it hates that exist in the country (and the people approve of their work) are ready to serve rural areas and produce results."

The President instructed the officials to plan a large-scale meeting with his participation at the beginning of 2015, which will discuss in detail the results of the Union's activities.

Photo from the archive.