Lukashenka bans Finance Minister from following PM's illicit orders


While appointing Uladzimir Amaryn Finance Minister, Alyaksandr Lukashenka said that hthis post is one of the most important ones both in the government, "and in the country as a whole".

The President stressed that the Minister of Finance in their activities must be guided only by the letter of the law, BelaPAN reports: "We have a budget, there is a part of it called the expenditure, income plan, expenditure plan -- this is your main document, there should not be pets, it should be fair and legal. If you need to cerrect something, adjust, you know the laws and do make suggestions -- we will solve them. But in any case, do not do as the Prime Minister tells you, or deputy Prime Ministers, do not do what you shouldn't do, what destabilizes relations in the ruling vertical. If it belongs to Vitsebsk, it should be given to Vitsebsk, if to Brest -- give it to Brest, if it's allocated for sports, social and other programs -- it has to go there and nowhere else."

Photo by Uladzimir Amaryn - BelaPAN