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Lukashenka: All trips abroad are forbidden without my consent


Aliaksandr Lukashenka banned forbidden vacations and trips abroad during the ongoing harvesting campaign. He made the statement at the conference calls with government officials and local administration on August 2. The ban probably applies to high-ranking officials only but everything is possible in Belarus.

The President demanded that all high-ranking officials take part in the harvest campaign, Lukashenka’s press service reports. He suggested that head of the Council of the Republic Mikhaial Myasnikovich took part in the harvest campaign in Brest region: “Mihail Uladzimiravich (Myasniikovich), you and Andreichanka should immediately leave for the provinces and take part in the harvest campaign there. He will go to Vitsebsk Region and you go to Brest Region. You are relatively free now. So you should organize the harvest campaign there. The same can be said about Zas, Zayats and other officials – they are experienced and smart people. All vacation and trips abroad without my consent are forbidden. Everyone should focuse on the harvest,” the Belarus leader stressed.