Less fines on public transport after abolition of benefits: Transport Ministry


The number of passengers fined for riding without tickets on the public transport in Minsk dropped by 900 people less in December 2007 against November last, despite more controllers were dispatched, Vasil Laurynovich, Director of the Minsktrans company told the European Radio for Belarus.

“In 2007, a total of 89,815 people were fined; 8110 (December); 8970 (November). There were more working days in November, while people had more days off in December. Perhaps, that's what produced a drop in fines,” he said.

It is also possible that some "hares" (a nickname for ticketless passengers in Belarus) simply stopped paying their fares.

Meanwhile, Hanna Mikhaylouskaya, the chief of Minsktrans's financial department, told the European Radio for Belarus that her company reported a 10-percent profit growth from selling tickets for the public transport in Minsk. Profits from commuter buses grew just by one percent.