Leader of Skryabin Andrei Kuzmenko dies in road accident


Leader of the Ukrainian band Skyabin Andrei Kuzmenko has died in a road accident. His car collided with a truck in Krivoi Rog District on the morning of February 2, the Ukrainian driving inspectorate reports. Kuzmenko died on the spot.

Andrei Kuzmenko, aka Kuzma Skryabin, was born ion Lviv Oblast on August 17, 1968. He was a musician, TV presenter, actor and author of his own biography Me, Victory and Berlin. Kuzmenko sang a duet with the Belarusian band Krambambulya for a maxi-single of Radio Krambambulya 0.33 FM in 2002.

By www.unian.net

Photo: www.aif.ua