Lawyer cannot meet political prisoner Dzyadok

Mikalai Dzydok’s lawyer tried meeting the political prisoner in Horki colony on July 14. However, he was not allowed to do it, Radio Liberty refers to the political prisoner’s father.

According to him, his son has not written an application for the meeting. However, he did write it and mentioned it in a letter to his parents, the father said.

Mikalai has been put in a punishment cell for 6 months and is in a cell for two people now, Alyaksandr Dzydok reminded. His relatives know nothing about the living conditions in the cell. The fact that the lawyer has not been allowed to meet him is an act of revenge for criticizing the living conditions, they believe.

Activist of the anarchist movement Mikalai Dzydok has been imprisoned for another year after having served his 4.5-yera term. He was returned guilty of acts of hooliganism near official buildings. Human rights defenders consider the young man a political prisoner.