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KGB refuses to compensate moral damages to person involved in White Legion case

Zmicier Kramianetski. Image by

Zmitser Kramianetski is suing the KGB in Minsk's Maskouski District Court. The Young Front member who was detained during the investigation of the notorious 'White Legion case' and was let off later has demanded a compensation of moral damages.

The third hearing of Kramianetski’s case was held on December 13. Representatives of KGB and the Ministry of Finance were the defendants. They refused to satisfy Kramianetski’s appeal, Radio Liberty reports.

It is up to the Investigation Committee to decide whether Kramianetski has the right to compensation because 'the White Legion case' was filed there, a KGB representative said.

The compensation has to be given out by KGB, Kramianetski’s lawyerMaria Kolesava-Hudzilina reckons. The Young Front member was detained by KGB and his case was also closed by KGB on June 2. It had been done before the White Legion case' was transferred to the Investigation Committee. In fact, the Investigation Committee told Kramianetski that the compensation issue had to be settled by KGB.

Kramianetski applied for moral damages compensation in August. He is the only person involved in the 'White Legion case' who is suing the state. The young man demands 10 000 rubles ($5000) in moral damages. 

The court will pronounce a decision on December 14.