Kazulin is still jobless and not invited to consultation councils


A former political prisoner Alyaksandr Kazulin is still unable to get a job in Belarus. He informed about it in an interview with ERB.
Kazulin: No. I do not have a job.
ERB: Is it really difficult to get one?
Kazulin: It is impossible to do it in our country.

Unlike other politicians and civil activists, Kazulin has not been invited to any consultation councils. He is sure that he will never be. He does not refuse to take part in consultation organs but only if they are legal:

Kazulin: I think we should work in the places where we are needed and not in consultation councils. If there was a legal council that could allow my decisions to bring legal results, then it would be clear. However, if it is just an attempt to talk everything over, it may be interesting and that’s it.