Kasia Kamockaja not to return to big stage


News about the cancellation of Kasia Kamockaja’s concert has appeared on social networks. The singer was supposed to perform a gig in the Minsk Concert Hall on November 26, but the organizers did not manage to get a permit in time and had to postpone it until January 10. However, Kasia who is currently in Lithuania now) is not planning any concerts this week and has not heard anything about the bans.

“I talked to the head of the ideology department of Minsk City Executive Committee. The concert was allowed,” Kasia Kamockaja explained. “As for the postponement, the MInsk concert hall is subordinate to the President’s Administration and they do not care if the City Executive Committee allows a concert! In any case, this is what they said, I am not really sure.”

The fact that the playbill was preserved somewhere is a pure accident, organizer Pavel Kashyryn said. Kasia Kamockaja’s concert was cancelled due to organization issues long ago.

“We planned to postpone the concert until January 10 but refused from the idea a few days later,” Kashyryn said. “The page still exists on Kvitki.by but it is impossible to buy tickets. They cannot remove it due to some technical issues and it will disappear on its own at 7 p.m. tomorrow. I do not know if we can continue planning the concert because the concert hall Minsk refused us and we did not find any other place for it so everything just died down.

 The concert was supposed to become the singer's first big concert in 10 years.