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Investigation Committee confirms Minister Kauhuta's suspension


Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Protection Andrei Kauhuta has been suspended from work on suspision of committing an official forgery,  Investigation Committee's official spokesperson Syarhei Kabyakovich told Euroradio.


The Investigation Commentate will study the case. Kauhuta is suspected of an official forgery. The high-ranking official has not been detained.

Information about the suspension of the Minister appeared on the morning of June 8. He may be suspected of getting budget money illegally with the help of the state enterprise “Geology NVC”, reports. Kauhuta used to work there. Officials from the Ministry of Nature and the research centre have disrupted the state programme aimed at protecting the Belarusian flora and fauna and locating minerals, the police think. The damage done may be more than 1 million roubels, journalists report.