Activists launch online campaign to sue Ministry of Defense spokesman

Screenshot from video
Screenshot from video

Minskers opposing to military parades in the capital city hope to collect enough signatures to open legal proceedings against the spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense – Colonel Uladzimir Makarau.


Talking to reporters at a news conference on June 26, Makarau described military parade opponents as Generalkommissar Wilhelm Kube’s ideological descendants. Kube was the senior official in the Nazi administratio occupying Belarus during WWII.


The appeal posted on the Internet says: “Speaking as the press secretary, Uladzimir Makarau represents the views of the Ministry of Defense. The statement has outraged those who are against military parades in the city streets simply because they care about the rational usage of public money and people’s safety.”


The initiators of the appeal are planning to lodge a collective suit for the protection of honour and dignity seeking public apologies from the press secretary of the Ministry of Defense.