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Independent union leader briefly detained during 'home penal labor' term


Leader of the REP independent trade union Henadz Fyadynich was taken to a police station on the evening of March 30. The activist is currently serving his 'home penal labor' term.

Policemen paid a visit suspecting that Fyadynich was not sober (which is forbidden to people sentenced to 'home penal labor), reports.

Fyadynich was taken to a police office. However, he was let off and returned home later.

Leaders of the independent trade union REP Henadz Fyadynich and Ihar Komlik were sentenced to 4 years of so-called ‘home penal labour’ on August 24, 2018. Their property was not confiscated but they were forbidden to occupy managerial posts for 5 years. They were returned guilty of major tax evasion.

Under the 'home penal labor' rules, Henadz Fyadynich is not allowed to leave his flat after 9 p.m. on weekdays and must stay home on weekends. He is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages for 4 years. The police are controlling such convicts all the time and can pay a surprise visit at any time.