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Ice hockey: Belarus coach Dave Lewis resigns

Dave Lewis. Photo:

Team Belarus head coach Dave Lewis has resigned. The press office of the Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation says it was 'a joint decision' of the federation and Lewis taken after 'a bad start at the world championship and also taking into accont the situation Team Belarus has found itself in.' The Canadian specialist reckons that 'changes in management may give the team a fresh impulse to improve performance, hence he steps down.'

Dave Lewis coached Team Belarus since late 2014. Sergei Pushkov has been appointed as an interim coach till the end of the championship. Pushkov, 54 is a former Russiack hockey player and currently the head coach of Nieman Hrodna, the champions of Belarus. He has worked as a coach since 2006, including coaching Belarus junior team at the 2009 world junior championship.

The change of the head coach comes after a third thrashing of Team Belarus at the World Championship in Denmark. Belarus is one step away from being relegated from the elite division. Belarus will play the next match on 9 May against Switzerland.

Sergei Pushkov. Photo: BELTA