How do authorities see Belarus in 2040?

What indicators does the regime plan to achieve? / @rubanau_collage

What indicators does the regime plan to achieve? / @rubanau_collage / @rubanau_collage

The Ministry of Economy has published proposals on the draft concept of the strategy of sustainable development of Belarus until 2040.

"The Republic of Belarus is a successful, self-sufficient, sovereign state with a developed, competitive economy. It is a country where a unique environment for living, working and recreation has been created," write the authors of the publication.
They claim that "Belarus today is a country where the person is the main value, that Belarus is a country of opportunities for self-realization, and that Belarus is a country with a comfortable living environment".  

So what does the Lukashenka regime want to achieve by 2040?

"The strategic goal of long-term development of Belarus is to increase the quality of life of the population on the basis of achieving high sustainability of the national economy through the development of human and scientific and technological potential, digital industry, creation of market institutions of competitive environment".

The long-term development strategy, according to the authors, will focus on social sustainability, economy and ecology.

By 2040, it is planned to increase life expectancy to 74 years, to double GDP growth, to increase the share of gross value added by the ICT sector in GDP to 10-15 percent by 2040, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent from 1990 levels.

In addition, it is planned to make health care more accessible, improve the education system and, strange as it may seem, preserve and develop Belarusian culture and traditions as the basis of national identity.

The authors of the publication also note that Belarus will strive to reduce unemployment and increase incomes.

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