Hantsvichy District dwellers trust police more than church and KGB


The monitoring service of the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affaires has conducted a survey among the inhabitants of Hantsavichy District (Brest Region). They were interested to what extent people trusted institutions and organizations. It turned out that about 24% trusted the police, less than 20% trusted the court, even fewer people trusted the Office of public Prosecutor, church, official trade union and KGB. Only 3.8% of Hantsavichy inhabitants trust mass media.

Political parties turned out to be outsiders as only 1% of people trust them.  Out of 290 people from the local forestry, school, lyceum and several agricultural cooperative societies about 80% noted the good quality of the work of the local police.

34% of polees noted that it had become better.

Ales Lіtouchyk, ERB, Hantsavichy