Fourth congress of movement “For Freedom” takes place in Mahileu


A congress of the movement “For Freedom” has taken place in Mahileu today. It is the fourth attempt to register the movement as the Ministry of Justice has already refused to legalize it thrice. Alyaksandr Mіlіnkevіch says that the disagreement of the Ministry of Justice is ridiculous and dishonest:

“It was absurd last time. They said that “some people headed by Milinkevich were involved in politics”. That is why they suspected that “the organization could turn out to be political rather than civil”. It’s like a joke. I have the right to be involved in politics and in civil activities, and I have the right to be a teacher”.

Alyaksandr Mіlіnkevіch noted that registration of the movement was a principal issue. Nobody wants to be “a partisan”, everyone wants a legal job. Moreover, it is the best way to test the authorities. Do they really want to cooperate with Europe?

That’s what Milinkevich said about starting the registration in Mahileu for the second time:

“As a politician, I come from Mahileu. I headed “The Town Hall” in Hrodna and “The Circle of Friends” in Mahileu. We were friends and did many things together. I came to study here when I began to work.  It is very cozy here, it is not a geographical centre like Minsk. But this is a good place for meetings. I think the good tradition of starting everything in Mahileu has remained and we may be lucky this time!”.