Entrepreneurs in Minsk boycott re-registration

Only some 100 entrepreneurs in Minsk have received certificates of companies following the government's measure to re-register private entrepreneurs as business companies. Some 150 people have applied for re-registration.

The figures were voiced by the Minsk City Hall which admitted the failure of the action, reports Belta

The recent polls showed that just 9.5 percent out of 8300 private entrepreneurs, working at market places in Minsk, planned to take use of a simplified procedure of registering as business companies.

Almost 23 percent of entrepreneurs are set to work with their close relatoves. Effective from early next year, entrepreneurs will be banned from employing other people than relatives. Over 5 percent said they would work on their own. Ten percent will register their employees as private entrepreneurs.

Over 50 percent of entrepreneurs in Minsk said they were not sure what to do further.