Depeche Mode member discharged from Minsk hospital


Depeche Mode's singer Dave Gahan on Tuesday was discharged from Hospital No 9 in Minsk,  chief doctor Valery Kushnirenka told Euroradio. However, he declined to elaborate on the cause of Dave Gahan's illness, citing medical privacy.

“As far as I know, they have a performance in Kyiv on 19 July," Valery Kushnirenka says. "I think everything should be all right. But I am not their director, so it is not my job to decide."

According to the chief doctor, medical personnel treated the famous Depeche Mode member professionally and did not ask for autographs or photos.

Depeche Mode cancelled their yesterday's gig at Minsk Arena literally one hour before the start due illness of the frontman Dave Gahan. According to unconfirmed reports, Dave suffered from stomach problems.

Euroradio talked to some of the band's fans who could not believe till the very last moment that the gig cancellation was not a joke and  waited for their favorites near Minsk Arena. The organizers promised in a statement to announce wheather the concert would be postponed or refunded in a week's time.