Chyzh’s ‘residence’ without roof: businessman’s property (photo)

KGB has not presented any information about Yury Chyzh and his relatives’ arrested property.


“The preliminary investigation is in process, the information cannot be made public now,” the KGB press service explained.


However, Nasha Niva has shared some insider information about the arrested Chyzh’s house in Drazdy and his and his relatives’ property near Lahoisk and in the village Zatsen near Minsk.

Let us have a look at Chyzh’s property. He is often called an oligarch and the most successful businessman in Belarus.


The cottage village Lahozhask is situated not far from Lahoisk. It is next to the ski complex belonging to Triple (Chyzh’s group of companies). It is fenced and wooden houses can be seen there.

The local security service did not allow journalists on the territory. Lahozhask is private property and Euroradio needs to contact Yury Chyzh’s relatives to enter, director of the ski complex Lahoisk Henadz Barushka said. They only thing we got to know what that security officials had visited Lahozhask right after the arrest of Chyzh on March 11.

We asked a local inhabitant to show us Chyzh’s ‘residence’. The man pointed at an unfinished wooden construction near the church:

“It is that log cabin, there is still no roof”.


We were surprised: “Is this Chyzh’s ‘residence?”

“It is. There is nothing else. This is the whole ‘residence’,” the man smiled.

Our next destination is the village of Zatsen. It is divided into two parts by Minsk ring road. Half of it is part of Mink. The cottage belonging to Syarhei Chyzh (the arrested businessman’s son) is situated there, mass media report. The young man is 27 years old and he is one of the CEOs of the chain of hypermarkets ProStore.


Syarhei Chyzh lives in one part of the light green house, neighbours said. At first glance, the building does not look special among all the other houses in Zatsen. However, it is a luxurious manor with numerous utility structures and garages. The doorbell in Chyzh’s part of the house wouldn’t work. His neighbours were home but refused to answer our questions.

The last place we wanted to visit was Yury Chyzh’s house in Drazdy.


The manor is only a 10-minutes walk away from the shopping centre Arena City belonging to the businessman. Everything was quiet and neat around the house. There was a doorplate ‘Welcome Friends’ attached to the gate. There were no signs of sequestration but the doorbell was switched off.



Yury Chyzh was arrested on the evening of March 11. KGB confirmed the information two days later: Chyzh was suspected of major tax evasion.

KGB chief Valery Vakulchyk described some dramatic details of the detention on March 15. The state lost many billions due to Chyzh, Vakulchyk said. The security services seized the property belonging to Chyzh and his children a day later.


It looks like all the property may be confiscated. The possibility is indicated in the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.