Chernobyl Way in Minsk (online, photo, video)

18:30 The action is over. People left without waiting for the meeting to end. About 30 people attended the meeting, Ales Piletski reports.

18:00 People are leaving – many of them do not want to be checked with metal detectors. Speeches are being made on the stage.

17:45 Several dozen people have entered the park. The rest do not want to come because they think that being searched by policemen is an insult. Nobody is making a speech on the stage; there are no loudspeaker installations except for megaphones.

17:30 The column has approached the park in Bangalore Square. The police are checking people with metal detectors and examining their banners.

Yellow and blue flags can be seen along the whole itinerary of the manifestation.

16:33 The column has headed for Bangalore Square. About 500 people are taking part in it, Artsyom Martynovich reports.

16:00 Alternativa members are holding the banner For Independent Belarus. People have brought many yellow balloons with the radiation sign, Ales Piletski reports.

15:50 About a hundred people have gathered near the cinema house October. Vital Rymasheuski has hoisted the BCD flag. 3 prisoner transport vehicles and 4 police buses are parked near BNTU.

Participants of the manifestation will gather near the cinema house October at 4 p.m. The organizers wanted to use a new itinerary this year – from October towards Kurapaty along Yakub Kolas Street and Lahoiski Tract – but Minsk authorities only allowed to use the standard itinerary.

Today is the 28th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. The biggest anthropogenic catastrophe in history occurred on April 26, 1986.