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Charges brought against businessman Aliaksandr Knyrovich

Alyaksandr Knyrovich. Photo: TUT.BY

Charges have been brought against businessman Alyaksandr Knyrovich. The head of the group of companies Sarmat-STI is suspected of major tax evasion. This is only one of the articles suggested by KGB, official KGB spokesperson Dzmitry Pabyarezhyn told Euroradio:


"About Knyrovich: has has been accused of violating Article 243 (2) in the Penal Code,” Pabyarezhyn said.

According to investigators, Knyrovich is accused of tax evasion. The entrepreneur is facing liberty restriction for up to 5 years or imprisonment or 3-7 years. The court can confiscate Knyrovich’s property and forbid him to do certain business.

Major tax evasion means that the sum exceeds the base amount by at least 2500 times. In Alyaksandr Knyrovich’s case the sum is at least 2.8 million roubles.


The other people involved in ‘Sarmat’s case’ have also been accused. All of them are jailed.

Alyaksandr Knyrovich is one of the most popular Belarusian businessmen. He took part in TV shows, wrote a blog and regularly criticized the economic situation in Belarus in mass media.

Knyrovich was detained on his return to Minsk from Geneva on January 25. The 10-day term of his detention expired at 11 p.m. on February 6.